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Russian Artemia cysts brine shrimp eggs salt lake
Russian Artemia cysts brine shrimp eggs under the microscope
Russian Artemia cysts brine shrimp eggs 24 hour hatching
Worldwide West Aquaculture

Worldwide West is a producer and supplier of Artemia cysts, or brine shrimp eggs, a semi-product nourishing fodder commonly used for shrimp and other small fish. For nearly a decade, we have supplied fish and shrimp hatcheries in South East Asia and South America.  


We collect and process upwards of 500 tons of raw Artemia annually. We apply a detailed, quality control process to our product, which means only premium grade Artemia Cysts are selected. Additionally, because we are a producer, we do not buy from middlemen, which enables us to supply a product with a superior price/quality ratio with flexible payment conditions and various discount programs.


Our production capabilities extend to decapsulated Artemia, Artemia flake and Spirulina. Worldwide West is also a distributor of a full range of high quality fish and shrimp hatchery, nursery and grow-out feeds in select markets.


Artemia Cysts

Brine Shrimp Eggs

Artemia, an aquatic crustacean also known as Brine Shrimp, produce dormant eggs or cysts which may be dried and stored for extended periods of time. The dried cysts can be hatched on demand. Upon hatching, the live Artemia nauplii are fed as a larval diet to fish and shrimp. While many hyper saline lakes around the world contain strains of Artemia, very few can be commercially harvested. Roughly 2000 tons of Artemia cysts are commercially distributed worldwide and consumed by the aquaculture industry.


Artemia cysts, or Brine Shrimp eggs, are commonly used by fish and shrimp hatcheries as a live feed product for the first larval stages of fish and shrimp. As a live feed product, Artemia nauplii offer a strong nutritional profile, high in protein and lipids.  These nutritional qualities are crucial to the growth and survival of fish and shrimp larvae.   


As a direct producer, processor and supplier, Worldwide West Artemia cysts are of premium quality, with a hatching rate of 80-85%. For more information about our Artemia cysts, please contact us.



Tons of raw Artemia collected annually


Tons of dried, retail ready Artemia cysts each year


Hatching rate


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To contact Worldwide West, please email us directly at  We thank you for your interest.